Our mission

To create the effective information platforms for scientists, research organizations, strategically interested parties and companies from EU member countries, associated EU countries, Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia, Russia, Asian countries which need information exchange and international cooperation in the field of biological markers in biomedical sciences and pharmaceutics. The priority areas of the center are the implementation of grant projects, as well as educational programs, publishing (publication of the cited collection of scientific papers by the results of conferences, and scientific profile journal).Our scientific mentors and members of the organizing committees of conferences are leading scientists and professors from Europe and the USA. 

The ESCBM  follows the European Commission strategy – European Research Area (ERA), which is aimed on the creation of an open space for knowledge and growth which involves as EU Members, as Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia, Russia, and Asia.

The five key ERA priorities are:

More effective national research systems
Optimal transnational co-operation and competition
An open labour market for researchers
Gender quality and gender mainstreaming in research
Optimal circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge


Priority directions:

Markers of the Cardiovascular Pathology, Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
Markers of the central nervous system diseases, metabolic syndrome. Molecules of the endogenous cytoprotection and apoptosis.
Molecular diagnostics of the autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus. Cytokines. Adhesion molecules. 
Markers of the GIT diseases. Molecular diagnostics of the liver, pancreas diseases.
Coagulation system monitoring, Molecular diagnostics of the anemias. Analysis of the Complement system disturbances.
Markers of the inflammation, oxidative stress. Oncomarkes. Molecular diagnostics of sepsis. Immunological markers in transplantology.
Markers of Reproduction. Prenatal diagnostics.
Markers in fundamental and molecular biology.